(nSTRIDE) Autologous Protein Solution Injection For Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Knee arthritis is a chronic degenerative condition which results in chronic inflammatory knee cartilage damage.

nSTRIDE Autologous Protein Solution (APS) is a new knee arthritis treatment now offered by a number of Singapore doctors.

It is autologous in the sense that the therapy is derived using blood from a person’s own body. It contains concentrated inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. The patient then receives the solution via a single intraarticular injection into the knee joint.

The benefits of nSTRIDE APS Treatment include:

  • Decreased knee pain
  • Decreased knee cartilage degeneration
  • Slowing the progression of cartilage degradation and destruction in the knee
  • Improved knee mobility
  • Stimulating cell proliferation
  • Avoiding the need for invasive surgery
  • It is a single knee injection

It is possible that your Personal Medical Insurance and Company Insurance can cover your knee arthritis treatments.

It is important to explore the risk, benefits of your available treatment options for Knee Arthritis before making a decision.

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