Knee Steroid Injections

Steroidal injection for Knee Arthritis is a very commonly done procedure. Many doctors offer this to patients who need relief from knee pain.

As steroidal knee injections are usually quite affordable, patients often choose to pay cash for their knee injection.

You can also pay for arthritis treatments using local and international private hospital insurance and MediSave-approved insurance known as Integrated Shield Plans.

If you have one of the many insurance products that cover you under a private hospital plan, it should be able to give you the assurance of knee arthritis injections with peace of mind.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a “full rider” that covers you for private hospitals, you may also be eligible for “Cashless Service” .

This allows you to get a knee arthritis injection at the hospital with no payment needed during admission or discharge.

Some examples of Integrated Shield Plans and Riders include:

  • AIA, Healthshield Gold Max A + Max Essential A
  • Aviva, Myshield Plan 1 + MyHealth Plus Plan 1 (option C)
  • AXA, AXA Shield Plan A + Basic Care
  • GE, Supreme Health P Plus + Total Health Platinum
  • NTUC, Enhanced Incomeshield PreferredĀ + Plus Rider
  • Prudential, PRUshield PremierĀ + PRUextra Premier

It is important to explore the risk, benefits of your available treatment options for Knee Arthritis before making a decision.

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