Knee Visco-Supplementation Injections

Viscosupplementation injections for knee arthritis, commonly known a “knee gel injections”, have become a very popular way to treat knee pain.

There are many brands and types of viscosupplement injection available in Singapore and the procedure is done by many different doctors.

Some doctors perform the injections directly in a clinic. Others do the knee injection under ultrasound guidance for more accurate injection.

Knee injections can also be done as a day surgery procedure in a hospital or day surgical center if the safety of a more sterile environment is preferred.

While many patients pay cash for their injections, some doctors also allow patients to use their medical insurance, integrated shield plans as well as hospital and surgical insurance plans to cover the cost of injections.

Depending on the type of insurance you have, “$0 Cashless Payments” are possible.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a “full rider” that covers you for private hospitals, you may also be eligible for “Cashless Service” .

Some examples of Integrated Shield Plans and Riders include:

  • AIA, Healthshield Gold Max A + Max Essential A
  • Aviva, Myshield Plan 1 + MyHealth Plus Plan 1 (option C)
  • AXA, AXA Shield Plan A + Basic Care
  • GE, Supreme Health P Plus + Total Health Platinum
  • NTUC, Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred + Plus Rider
  • Prudential, PRUshield Premier + PRUextra Premier

Learn more from this very informational video from an American doctor:

It is important to explore the risk, benefits of your available treatment options for Knee Arthritis before making a decision.

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